We have a large network of musicians who can play anything for your special day or event.


We offer the following and more:

  • Solo piano, solo violin, solo cello, solo guitar, harp, accordion, bagpipes, trumpet, flute, sax
  • Duets:  violin and cello, flute and cello, flute or violin with guitar, piano and sax,
  • Trios:  violin, viola and cello; flute, viola and cello; flute, oboe and cello (or bassoon); violin, guitar and bass; sax, bass and piano
  • Quartets:  two violins, viola and cello; flute, violin, viola and cello; violin, guitar, bass and drums; sax, bass, piano and drums
  • Five Piece:  male or female vocals, flute/sax, bass/ guitar ,piano and drums;

Plus, we customize the instruments, voices and songs for special themes, such as New Orleans, Dixieland, Irish, Swing, and any decade of music.