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Your Perfect Reception Music

Romantic married couple bride and groom dancing at wedding recep

Cocktail, dinner, and reception music creates the magic and festivity of your wedding. Begin your song planning with your First Dance, and Mother and Groom and Father and Bride dance songs. Include your relative’s favorites and styles of music they enjoy so they feel a part of your special day. Instruct firmly to the band […]

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The Perfect Wedding is Simple

Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And Groom At Wedding

Just when I think I have seen everything in my forty years of wedding, there is yet another doubtful idea. I have seen dogs as ring bearers who then licked themselves all through the ceremony; brides and groom on unprepared horses; horse carriages which bolted with the bride holding on for dear life; horses that […]

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No One Ever Say This, But…

Mother and daughter on wedding day.

Your perfect wedding is your Mother’s tearful happy memory. Whether divorced, widowed or single, your mom will need a male escort the entire day by her side. He can be her son, nephew, uncle, father, friend or brother. It will make her feel more included, especially when your dad dances with his new wife or […]

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Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony Music

Girls plays violin

Many brides want to include popular contemporary music in their ceremonies. Churches often have proscribed music lists, so definitely ask for these lists. Your guest may not recognize or connect to contemporary songs, so pick wisely. Ask your relatives for their wedding song favorites and continue the family tradition. This conversation can be very helpful […]

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Your Perfect Wedding Vows

Wedding ring I Do

Whether your wedding is the traditional or the unexpected, your vows reflect the uniqueness of your relationship and celebrates your spiritual bond.   There are many poems, prayers, and beautiful blessings available for all sacred, secular and specialty themed weddings. Two helpful books are “With These Words I thee Wed” by Barbara Eklof and “Weddings […]

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Your Perfect Ceremony Site

Church Cathedral wedding interior with rows of elegant chairs and flowing flower arrangements.

Your wedding ceremony is a family union and reunion, a sacred contract, a religious vow, and the most meaningful occasion of your lifetime. To have a church ceremony, you must be a member in good standing of the church for a specified amount of time prior to the ceremony. There will be pastoral pre-wedding counseling […]

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Your Perfect Wedding Should be in Writing

Groom Signing Marriage License

While you are dreamy eyed about your perfect wedding, it’s absolutely essential that you are cleared eyed about your contracts for your wedding services. Please require a signed contract for the ceremonial site, even if it’s at your church. No letter or telephone promises, and ditto for officiants; they perform many ceremonies a year and […]

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Your Perfect Team of Vendors

Bride With Wedding Planner In Marquee Using A Digital Tablet

Before shopping or surfing yourself into a quivering puddle, evaluate what your own emotional and report needs are from your vendor bridal team. Consider these questions as you assemble your team: Do you want the photographer to submit a preplanned list of all the photos or do you want one that is spontaneous? Do you […]

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Your Perfect Venue

Selecting your venue should occur as early as possible, between ten and twelve months in advance. Criteria can include: There are many types of venues: hotels, inns, resorts,country clubs, farms, gardens, fraternal halls, churches, historic homes, wineries, taverns, restaurants, parks, art museums, public buildings, waterfronts, and your newly landscaped backyard. While hotels are more expensive, […]

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