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2014 Hit Wedding Songs!

Our Raleigh DJs are back with more new hits for your 2014 wedding! "Closer," Tegan and Sara - With this great modern version of a favorite ’80s dance hit you can incorporate a classic in with your modern style wedding music playlist! Best Song Lyrics: “Here comes the heat before we meet a little bit closer/Here comes the […]

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2014’s Hottest Wedding Songs

Are you looking for fresh new hits for your wedding music, instead of the old, tired classics? If so, continue reading! Our Raleigh DJs are here with all the freshest new songs for wedding ceremonies and receptions! Raleigh DJS: Hottest Wedding Songs for 2014 "All of Me," John Legend - These lyrics are so romantic, […]

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Best Songs By Iconic Couples

Raleigh DJs: Songs by Iconic Couples for Your Wedding Reception! Welcome back! Our Raleigh DJs are here with more of the best songs from iconic couples. These songs are a range of music from the past 6 decades and go across all types of genres. Below, you'll find songs 7-5. These songs will be great […]

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Wedding Customs and Traditions of Old

String Quartet in Raleigh NC: Take a Look at a Few Older Wedding Customs and Traditions! Our Raleigh wedding DJ thought today would be a good day to research a few old wedding customs and traditions from ancient times. In our last post, we talked about why the month of June is a popular month […]

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Top Country Wedding Songs of 2014

Raleigh DJs: Country Wedding Songs! Below, you'll find a list of top country wedding songs for 2014. According to our Raleigh DJs, these songs are some of the most popular country music wedding songs for 2014 that are played when you walk down the aisle or for a first dance at the reception! 1. It's Your Love - Tim […]

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Top 10 Millennial Love Songs

Raleigh DJ: Top 10 Millennial Love Songs Choosing a music playlist for your Raleigh wedding reception is often difficult and overwhelming. You want to play music you love, music your significant other loves, but you also want to please your guests and play the songs they love, as well. Most often, hiring a Raleigh DJ […]

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Most Requested Wedding Reception Songs of 2014

Love songs are a must for wedding reception music. They're expected, they're fun to dance to and they're also a great remembrance of the day. You'll remember the love songs played at your wedding reception for years to come. Every time you hear them, you'll think of your special day! Raleigh DJ: Most Requested Wedding Reception […]

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Final Greatest Love Songs of All Time!

Raleigh DJs: Greatest Love Songs of All Time! Welcome back! For those of you that are just joining us, our Raleigh DJs are compiling a list of the top 100 greatest love songs of all time! Most of the songs on this list are classics from the past four decades, so you're not likely to […]

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