Raleigh Wedding DJ: Accents of Fall All Around!

Our Raleigh wedding DJ is back with more great ideas for a fall wedding! This time, we focus more on the reception rather than the actual wedding ceremony!

  • Use burlap and craft paper to create a gorgeous place setting for the reception meal. Also, get creative with pine cone place cards and fallen leaves!
  • Most couples have a signature cocktail at their wedding bar, sometimes two. Why not have a signature treat, as well?! For a delicious treat that just encompasses all that fall is, consider serving pint size apples coated in caramel for a nice little mid to late wedding treat!
  • Incorporate every element of nature you can when decorating tables for the reception. Pine cones, apples, pumpkins, acorns, fallen leaves, berries, nuts; the options are endless!
  • Wowing your guests doesn’t stop at caramel apples. Try incorporating more fall elements into your reception by using pumpkin bowls for the soup course, during your wedding meal!
  • Consider using fall inspired music to help round out your fall theme all throughout the wedding day!
  • After the reception, consider having a bonfire outside the reception area where you and your spouse can relax with friends before having to jet off on your honeymoon!

For more fall wedding planning ideas be sure to visit back with our Raleigh wedding DJ soon. We will have a few more ideas tips that will help you ensure that you’ve planned the most beautiful and romantic fall wedding event of the season!

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