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Wedding Reception Music to Remember!

Raleigh DJ: Make a Lasting Impression With Music! When done right, your wedding reception music will be the most remembered part of your entire wedding day. Our Raleigh DJ guarantees it! Music can inspire, energize, and romanticize your guests all while they dance the evening away! Have you often envisioned having all your friends, 16-year-old cousin, 45 year-old uncle, 80 […]

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Dance Floor Music Hits!

Raleigh DJ: Dance Floor Music Are you ready to get your dance music playlist checked off your list of things to do for your wedding day? If so, our Raleigh DJ is here to help you find the best dance songs guaranteed to keep your guests rocking all night long! Below, you'll find a list […]

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Fall Wedding Ideas

It seems as though, spring is always the busiest time for weddings. Truth be told, fall comes in a close second. Fall is a great time to have a wedding for various reasons. Great weather, beautiful fall foliage, falling leaves, and more! Below, our Raleigh DJ offers a few ideas for those that are ready […]

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Music For Cocktail Hour

Raleigh DJ: Planning for Cocktail Hour Are you planning a cocktail hour after your wedding ceremony so that you can get a few pictures in of the bridal party, before the reception? If so, there are some great music selections, our Raleigh DJ feels are geared toward this very hour.  Raleigh DJ | Music For […]

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Fall Music Selections

 Raleigh DJ: Fall Wedding Songs As our Raleigh DJ always says, music is one of the most important and memorable parts of the entire wedding event. It's a great idea to coordinate your wedding music with the season your wedding's being held in. For fall, music that is romantic, old world sounding, and charming is […]

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Fall Wedding Planning Tips, Continued.

Welcome back! Our Raleigh DJ has a few more tips to help you with your fall wedding planning! Are you ready to get started?! Raleigh DJ: Fall Wedding Planning! Take advantage of nature. Fall foliage is stunning when left in its natural state. Why spend tons of money on flowers when you can use all that […]

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Fall Wedding Planning Tips!

Raleigh Wedding DJ: Fall Wedding Tips! With summer coming to an end, our Raleigh wedding DJ can only imagine that fall wedding planning is fully underway! As one of the most inspiring wedding seasons of the year, fall is a great time to have a wedding. The rich colors, changing of leaves, great temperatures, and […]

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Planning Your Reception Music!

String Quartet Raleigh NC: Plan Accordingly For Your Big Day! If you've just started planning for your wedding and have considered hiring live music, there are a few things that you should consider when planning for a string quartet in Raleigh, other types of musicians or DJs. It's important to confirm everything you talk about in […]

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Ceremony Music Mistakes to Avoid!

Raleigh DJs: Common Ceremony Music Mistakes That Should be Avoided! Welcome back! Our Raleigh DJs are here for a few last mistakes that you'll want to avoid, involving your wedding music. This time, the mistakes involve the wedding ceremony music. Raleigh DJs | Starting the Ceremony in Silence While you won’t be there to enjoy […]

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More Music Mistakes to Avoid

Raleigh DJ: Music Mistakes You Should Never Make! Welcome back! Our Raleigh DJ is back with a few more music mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding music for the reception. While it’s important to play music you and your spouse-to be love, it’s also important to remember your guests and give them something to […]

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