It seems as though, spring is always the busiest time for weddings. Truth be told, fall comes in a close second. Fall is a great time to have a wedding for various reasons. Great weather, beautiful fall foliage, falling leaves, and more! Below, our Raleigh DJ offers a few ideas for those that are ready to plan their fall wedding!

Raleigh DJ: Fall Wedding Ideas!

  • The bridal party can complement shades of fall by using autumn colors in their bouquets and choosing a signature fall color for their dresses! Want to really branch out? Consider allowing each bridesmaid to each choose a different fall colored dress.
  • Use every bit of natural elements you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony to compliment the crisp, golden hues of fall!
  • Having an outdoor wedding ceremony? Use mason jars filled with flowers and bales of hay to line the aisle for a nice fall flair. Not only is it fall inspired, it’s also charming and welcoming!
  • Rich jewel tones and shades of chocolate brown provide a beautiful contrast to ivory wedding gowns!
  • Need a getaway car? Consider using a classic car decorated with your wedding colors! Not only will it be fun, it’ll make for the perfect photo op!
  • Tangerine is a gorgeous fall color that often gets overlooked. Consider using it in different shades to offer flexibility and creativity.

For more fall wedding planning ideas be sure to visit back with our Raleigh DJ soon. We will have a few more ideas and tips that will help you ensure that you’ve planned the most romantic fall wedding event of the season!

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