Welcome back! Our Raleigh DJ has a few more tips to help you with your fall wedding planning! Are you ready to get started?!

Raleigh DJ: Fall Wedding Planning!

Take advantage of nature. Fall foliage is stunning when left in its natural state. Why spend tons of money on flowers when you can use all that nature offers? Use things like apples, acorns, pine cones, fallen leaves that have changed colors, twigs, and more in your centerpieces, wedding arbor, and bouquet. Using fall colors to accent the gorgeous surrounding nature will be fantastic in photos! Coordinate your wedding colors around burnt orange, chocolate brown, pistachio green, purple and coral!

Don't count any color out. There seems to be a few standard wedding colors that most brides feel like they have to stick with; pinks, off white, black, gray, etc. When you have a fall wedding, the door opens to get creative! Embrace fall's most gorgeous colors; orange, brown, cranberry, deep green or taupe. You can even use blush, champagne or gold if you are more comfortable with neutral colors. You'll be amazed at how gorgeous your wedding turns out with the use of standard fall colors! Think outside the box and don't conform to any rules when planning for your fall wedding!

Fall wedding treats.- Our Raleigh DJ knows a wedding isn't a wedding without delicious treats to eat at the reception! Fall treats are a great way to incorporate all the greatness that comes with cooler weather! Apple and pumpkin pie, cider, candied apples and hot chocolate are just a few to consider! The dessert table options are endless when you incorporate fall into your feast!

For more fall wedding planning tips be sure to visit back with our Raleigh DJ blog soon. We will have a few more tips that will help you ensure that you've planned the most perfect fall wedding event of the season!

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