Raleigh Wedding DJ: Fall Wedding Tips!

With summer coming to an end, our Raleigh wedding DJ can only imagine that fall wedding planning is fully underway! As one of the most inspiring wedding seasons of the year, fall is a great time to have a wedding. The rich colors, changing of leaves, great temperatures, and numerous flower options leave little to be desired when planning!

Below, you'll find a few fall wedding tips from our Raleigh wedding DJ that should help you plan the most perfect fall wedding day!

 Fall Wedding Planning Tips | Raleigh Wedding DJ

Ask Questions. Fall is a busy time for weddings and vendors are probably just getting done with the late summer weddings. Ask all the questions you have for vendors during your initial consultation. Make sure they've had enough time to recover from the busy summer wedding season, so that they can give their all to your fall wedding!

Inform Guests. Many fall weddings are held outdoors due to the incredibly nice weather. It's not too hot or too cold and fall foliage can add an extra gorgeous touch that no other season can! To ensure that you keep guests happy and comfortable, inform them of where your wedding will be located, early on. That way, they can dress appropriately.  If you're having a wedding outdoors with only the grass as flooring, most women would want to wear flats versus heels. Also, men who know the wedding will be outdoors will be less likely to wear a hot 3 piece suit.

Also, fall weather can go either way when it comes to temperatures. Sometimes it can be nice and comfortable, sometimes cold, sometimes hot. Keeping your guests informed of where the wedding will be held will help settle any confusion on these issues above.

For more fall wedding planning tips be sure to visit back with our Raleigh wedding DJ blog soon. We will have a few more tips that will help you ensure that you've planned the most perfect fall wedding event of the season!

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