Raleigh DJ: Music Mistakes You Should Never Make!

Welcome back! Our Raleigh DJ is back with a few more music mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding music for the reception. While it’s important to play music you and your spouse-to be love, it’s also important to remember your guests and give them something to enjoy throughout the reception. After all, music is the most memorable part of your wedding day!

Mood Breaking Music

It’s important to make sure the music fits the mood during the course of your reception. Don’t make the mistake of playing punk-rock during dinner or slow, sensual R&B music during the cake cutting.

Stick with instrumentals or soft ballads during your cocktail hour or dinner and then pick up the pace for the cake cutting and transitioning into the dance party. Our Raleigh DJ will know what songs fit each moment. Work with a DJ to pick an appropriate number of dinner-friendly selections so your guests can eat without the pressure of Van Halen screaming "Right Now!"

R-rated Songs

We do live in a more liberal time, yes but, it’s important to keep the line-crossing music to a minimum, or leave it out altogether.

Music with blatant profanity and promiscuous lyrics might offend several guests without you even realizing it. Especially if you’re having seniors and children at your reception, it’s best to keep the music to a PG-13 playlist so that guests of all ages can enjoy the music.

Too Much of a Good Thing…

While you and your spouse-to-be may love traditional country music, it’s important to remember that 3-5 full hours of Hank Williams Sr. and other classic country gold might drive your guests to tears, or worse, have them running away as soon as it’s possible.

Instead, mix in your favorite music in moderation. Your wedding is a celebration of your relationship, but it's also a gift to share with family and friends. Keep them in mind when developing your playlist.

If you're ready to begin planning the perfect wedding music playlist for your wedding day, be sure to contact our Raleigh DJ for help!