In our last post our Raleigh DJ offered tips on how to make the best decision when choosing between a DJ and live band for your wedding day.  Often, hiring a live band or Raleigh DJ to help you choose the best music for your wedding reception is a must! Especially a Raleigh wedding DJ! They not only have the best collection of music available, they also read the crowd and play music that keeps guests swaying all reception long!

Raleigh DJ or Live Band?

Below, you’ll find a few more tips that will help you decide whether a live band or Raleigh DJ is best for your wedding ceremony and/or reception!


Do you find you’re a little bit country, compared to your spouse being rock and roll? Don’t worry! A Raleigh DJ can play slow, fast, old, new, rock and roll, country, and more! That way, different sets of guests will have all types of music to have fun with!


In the long run, Raleigh DJs always tend to cost less. Depending on equipment requests and time frame, you might be better off, economically with a DJ. BUT, with that said, live bands can be affordable as well, depending on their experience, band size, and amount of time you want them to play. The good news is that Save the Date Music can work with you to make sure you stick within your budget when planning your wedding music.


Depending on the venue, there’s not always enough room for a 5-10 piece live band. It’s important to check with the venue before getting your heart set on that 10 piece Big Band Orchestra for the ceremony and/or reception.

If you’re ready to plan your wedding reception music and need to make an appointment with one of our Raleigh DJs, be sure to give our wedding music planner at Save the Date Music a call, soon! It’s never too early to start planning the wedding of your dreams!