Raleigh DJ: Make a Lasting Impression With Music!

When done right, your wedding reception music will be the most remembered part of your entire wedding day. Our Raleigh DJ guarantees it! Music can inspire, energize, and romanticize your guests all while they dance the evening away!

Have you often envisioned having all your friends, 16-year-old cousin, 45 year-old uncle, 80 year-old grandparents and 2 year-old niece to boogie the night away on the dance floor, al together? Don’t worry, that can happen! How, one might ask, do we ensure our wedding reception music is all of the above? Easy! Well, it’s easy as long as you follow the tips below.

Focus on variety when planning your wedding reception music playlist. Have a Raleigh DJ play songs that cover a range of decades and genres. Mix them all up; from Justin Timberlake to the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival to Big Band, and Willie Nelson to Blue Eyed Soul! Have the DJ kick things off with some inter-generational songs and you’ll have the guests dancing from the very beginning until the wee hours of the night!

Band or DJ? This might be the most burning, unanswered question of the century. First off, it’s important to experience both, directly. Have you been to a wedding reception that had an awesome DJ or live band? Which did you like better? How did the guests react to each? If you want a diverse playlist that is guaranteed to make guests happy, a DJ is often preferred.

Rely on your personal preference. Do you long for a string quartet in Raleigh to play beautiful classical songs all night? Or, do you prefer the fun, energized feel of a wedding DJ? How about a live band?

It’s important to factor in the size of your wedding reception venue. Sometimes, a smaller space won’t fit a string quartet in Raleigh or live band, and dance floor; especially if they’re a large quartet or band. If a dance floor is on your must-have list, consider a DJ. A Raleigh DJ is often better for smaller spaces, as their equipment is stackable and compact! You won't have to worry much about the space they take up!

Taking all these tips into consideration can help you plan the perfect wedding reception music that your guests will know and love! It's as simple as sitting down, planning, and making decisions that best fit your personal preferences!

Ready to start planning your reception music? Call our wedding music planner at Save the Date Music to ensure that music is the most memorable part of your big day!