String Quartet Raleigh NC: Plan Accordingly For Your Big Day!

If you've just started planning for your wedding and have considered hiring live music, there are a few things that you should consider when planning for a string quartet in Raleigh, other types of musicians or DJs.

It's important to confirm everything you talk about in your consultation with your bandleader or Raleigh DJs through a letter of agreement. This letter of agreement will bind you and your Raleigh DJs to the guidelines and requests that were made during the consultation.

There's nothing worse than dealing with unnecessary issues on your wedding day, because you weren't clear about your requests during the initial consultation.  Be sure your letter of agreement includes:

  • Exact date of event, arrival time, and location with address.
  • Equipment that you are expected to supply and equipment they are expected to supply -- such as chairs, music stands, or amplifiers. If the musicians are bringing their own equipment, record any extra charges.
  • Number of musicians you’ve booked. Are you hiring a six-piece band or a 12-piece orchestra?
  • Make note of the instruments they’ll be playing.
  • The names of the particular musicians or DJ who will play at your reception, plus the names of their substitutes should there be an emergency.
  • Attire guidelines: If you have any special requirements for what the performers wear, be sure to note them.
  • A list of what will be played when. Also talk to them about some B-list songs to play should they need to fill time.
  • If you’re serious about your do-not-play list, include that in your contract and attach the list.
  • Amount of time you’ve booked them for.
  • How many breaks are needed and when they plan to break for dinner.
  • Fees and overtime rates. Write in a clause that ensures their flexibility should you need them to play longer.
  • Deposit and balance due dates.
  • Cancellation/refund policy.

For more music tips and ideas for your upcoming wedding ceremony and reception, be sure to visit back with our us soon! Also, if you're looking for a string quartet in Raleigh and need help, contact us! Contact Save the Date Music to make sure your date is available for the best quartet in Raleigh!