Are you interested in learning more about at string quartet in Raleigh NC? There's a great deal of information out there for you! Below, you'll find several key terms to know as you research this type of musical ensemble in order to find the perfect wedding day music!

  • Bach Gigue from Suite #3 in D Major – great choice for the recessional.
  • Beethoven Ode to Joy from Symphony #9 – famous, was very popular 2-3 years ago for bride or recessional.
  • Clarke Trumpet Voluntary – one of the best choices for bride or recessional.
  • Handel La Rejouissance  – classic, traditional music for the recessional, could be used for the bride.
  • Handel Hornpipe from Water Music Suite – one of the best choices for bride or recessional.
  • Mendelssohn Wedding March – if you like traditional wedding music, you can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Mouret Rondeau from Symphonies de Fanfares  – very happy tune, excellent recessional music.
  • Mozart Allegro from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K. 525 – simply the best; if you choose another tune for the recessional, have this one played right after – you will love it.
  • Siman Tov, Mazel Tov – Jewish classic.
  • Pachelbel Canon  – this is more of a processional kind of music, but it could work for any part of the ceremony.
  • Purcell Trumpet Tune  – one of the best choices for bride or recessional.
  • Verdi March from Aida
  • Vivaldi “Spring” from Four Seasons
  • Postlude - Music that plays until every last guest has exited the ceremony area. It should revert to the background and last around fifteen minutes.

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