Looking to hire a string quartet for a wedding in Raleigh NC? If so, take a look over the terms below to help familiarize yourself with some of the lingo they might use while meeting with them to go over the details of your wedding ceremony music.

Terms to Know | String Quartet for a Wedding in Raleigh NC

  • Dynamics – the intensity of volume with which notes and sounds are expressed
  • Dotted rhythms – rhythms that generally involve some amount of syncopation or intentionally asymmetrical divisions of the beat
  • Dissonance – the opposite of consonance, hence a discordant sounding together or two or more notes perceived as having ‘roughness’ or ‘tonal tension’. Dissonance is a form of tension that requires resolution.
  • Disjunct melodic shape – a melodic shape that does not move smoothly or in stepwise motion. Instead, it might employ large leaps as a way to create interest or suspense.
  • Disjunct – a term applied to a melodic line that moves by leap (i.e. in intervals of more than a second) rather than in conjunct (stepwise) motion.
  • Development section – the middle section of a movement in sonata-allegro form, in which the thematic material that was presented in the exposition (or first section) is developed through rearrangement, transposition, dynamic or textural variation, or other techniques of musical transformation.~
  • Cyclical – A process in music where important themes may reappear at various points in a piece to bind the work together.
  • Cross-rhythm – a specific type of polyrhythm in which the regular pattern of accents in the given meter is contradicted by a conflicting pattern of accents
  • Counterpoint – the art of combining two or more melodies to be performed simultaneously, according to a system of rules. In counterpoint, the melody is supported by another melody rather than by chords.
  • Col legno – a directive to play with the wood rather than the hair of the bow in order to produce a ghostlysound
  • Coda – closing section of a musical work
  • Classical form – an approach favored by neoclassicists; music that adheres to conventional structuresfrom the Classical era, such as sonata form.
  • Chromatic – music which proceeds in half steps
  • Chance music – sometimes also called aleatoric music, this denotes music in which some element of thecomposition is not strictly notated but instead left to chance, generally because it is determined byperformers on the spot.
  • Cavatina – In 18th- and 19th- century opera, a short solo song, simple in style and lacking the da capo (repetition of the first section at the end of the work). In instrumental music, this term is generally applied to a songlike piece of music.
  • Canon – strict counterpoint in which each voice exactly imitates the previous voice

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