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first-dance-wedding-raleigh-ncPlanning a big event? Nervous about keeping the flow of the party going? Consider hiring a professional Raleigh wedding DJ. While it’s true that almost anyone can create a playlist to provide background music for your next event, there is so much more that a professional DJ can do.ListenNow

Experienced Raleigh wedding DJs have professional grade equipment that is sure to provide better sound than you’ll ever get attaching your iPod to some speakers. DJs understand acoustics and how to adjust the music level so that it complements your party without drowning out your guests. With their unmatched level of party-going experience, they are likely to know what you need before you do. They can provide suggestions on song selection and other hints to keep the party going.
Your cousin might be able to grab a microphone and tell a few jokes or let someone know that their car is about to be towed, but when it comes to breaking the ice and really getting the party started do you want to leave that to chance? Every host or hostess fears the party won't actually be a party. The one where everyone stands around making polite conversation sneaking glances at their watches to see if they can slip away without being considered rude. Don’t let this happen to you. With the right music, your guests will be inspired. Look at your audience and pick songs that will make everyone move. Give your folks some Motown. Give your friend some current dance, electronica and hip-hop. Give your young cousins a kiddy song they know. As more and more people start to dance, the guard comes down and we all have fun. If you hire a professional Raleigh wedding DJ, you’ll have someone on the microphone who knows how to get people moving. DJs have spent countless hours scanning the room to identify when a party is starting to lag. They have an entire repertoire of jokes, songs and dances designed to get your guests laughing and having a good time.

When choosing a DJ there are several things to consider. Make sure that you have the ability to choose (and reject) any songs that you feel strongly about. Even though you’re hiring someone else to man the music, it’s still your party and you should have the final say on what’s played. Your DJ will have a lot of power over the mood of the party so be sure that you hire someone whose style fits your personality and the tone of your event. Consider your audience as well. What might be fun at your niece’s fifth birthday party might not be so great at your grandparents’ golden anniversary celebration. Keep in mind the impression you are trying to make with the event as a whole and choose someone who fits the bill. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the party. Our Djs will keep the good times going. For more information about our Djs or to speak to Mary about scheduling your event, contact us and let's get started. If you're curious about our wonderful event and wedding DJs, check them out here:

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