Raleigh Wedding Music Planner, Save the Date Music Knows How to Please a Crowd!

With today's technology, it's easy to think you can save money by using an iPod on your wedding day,  and a friend to administer it. Though it sounds like a good idea, before the wedding, it's will most certainly be a disastrous idea, by the middle of the wedding. Allowing a friend to be in control to work the program, coordinate the highlights, play the right songs, and monitor the sounds is almost impossible. Hiring a Raleigh DJ is a much more sensible decision, once it's all said and done. You want you day to be special. You want the music to go off, without a hitch. You don't want someone who might play the wrong song, at the wrong time. And Heaven forbid, what if your iPod battery dies, mid ceremony or reception?!

The Cons of Using an iPod at Your Wedding

Yes, you can save a bit of money not hiring a Raleigh DJ for your wedding music. Yes, you can also have absolute control of each and every selection of music and the order in which it's played. However, in reality these may not be advantages at all. Just ask anyone who has been to a wedding where an iPod was used without the guidance of a professional wedding disc jockey.  True, you may save money, but at what cost to the quality of your overall wedding day?

Keep the disadvantages of using an iPod at your wedding:

  • An iPod can't "read the crowd".
  • An iPod can't change the tempo, mid playlist if your guests want an impromptu slow song.
  • Working with a DJ who has a vast knowledge of all styles of music will, in most cases, make your wedding reception 'an affair to remember'.
  • Filling your iPod with songs that YOU like doesn't guarantee that all your guests will like them as well.
  • An iPod can't mix the music like a professional DJ. You'll have a 2 or 3-second awkward silence moment after each song. This can kill the energy on the dance floor.  A Raleigh DJ can mix music seamlessly, from song to song.
  • iPods can't make announcements, introduce the wedding party, or keep the crowd entertained during the pre-reception, before the bride and groom arrives.
  • DJs anticipate every element of a wedding day. They look for ways to make the day better. They try to fix problems, before they happen. iPods can't do any of those things. They can play music, but that's about all!

Weddingcentral.com suggests, if you decide to hire a Raleigh DJ:

  • Give the DJ your special MP3 selections and include them with the music program you and your DJ work out together.
  • Make sure to have a meeting with your DJ at least 2 weeks before the wedding to finalize your plan.
  • Have the DJ print out a program (your script) including all toasts, special dances, special ‘must play' songs, even your ‘don't play' selections.
  • Coordinate your ‘script' with the caterer, photographer, videographer and have a friend the DJ can call on, to help coordinate special moments, such as first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, toasts, etc.

Trusting a professional Raleigh DJ and wedding music planner to help better you wedding day can result in a day not only you will never forget, but also a day that your guests will never forget! Contact Save the Date Music for more information on our expert wedding music planner and professional DJ!