With engagement season coming to an end, it's time to start thinking about planning a wedding! Winter weddings are beautiful and below, we have a few ideas for flowers, according to weddingideasmag.com! We will also talk about spring flowers as well, since warmer weather will be here before we know it.

Winter Wedding Flowers | Classical Musicians for Hire in Raleigh NC

  • Berried ivy - Perfect for winter, berried ivy is perfect for a fabulous Great Gatsby themed wedding. Team with vintage birdcages and pearls for a truly glamorous look.
  • Christmas rose - Despite the name, the Christmas rose actually has no relation to the real thing. Use these to add a subtle, yet elegant look to your winter bouquet.
  • Hyacinth - If you’re planning an elegant royal blue themed wedding then you should make hyacinth part of your statement bouquet.
  • Pussy willow - Make your winter wonderland wedding theme a reality with impression centerpieces made of pussy willow. Team with an all-white wedding theme for a gorgeous look that will make a big impact.

Spring Flowers | Classical Musicians for Hire in Raleigh NC

  • Dahlia - If you want your flowers to make a big impact on your wedding, then you need to choose dahlias. They’re perfect for a bright wedding and their size means you only need a small amount to wow your guests.
  • Delphinums - Tall and beautiful, delphinums are the ideal flower to decorate your wedding venue with. Growing up to six foot tall, if you want your tables to make a real impact then these are the flowers for you.
  • Freesia - These funnel-shaped flowers are perfect for brides looking for an elegant big day bouquet. White in color, these blooms would look gorgeous in a bouquet mixed with tulips.
  • Gerbera - Part of the daisy family, Gerberas come in a rainbow of bright colors. If you’re having a fun-filled relaxed wedding day, these blooms would be the perfect complement.
  • Hydrangea - Known for their colorful impact, use hydrangeas to create gorgeous pomanders for your venue. Perfect for hanging pomanders for your flower girls or to decorate your pew ends.
  • Lilac - Purple is a popular shade for weddings today, so lilac would be an ideal floral accompaniment for any bride planning a wedding in this popular color.
  • Peonies - A true favorite of real-life brides because of their amazing look and versatility. Use them to wow your guests in your bridal bouquet or in show-stopping table centerpieces.
  • Poppies - Poppies are the non-traditional bloom for edgier brides looking to make a statement. Their romantic red color are perfect for a glamorous red wedding theme.
  • Sweet William - Sweet William is a dainty highly-scented flower that lends itself perfectly to a vintage or handpicked look. This flower also featured in Kate Middleton’s bouquet and symbolizes gallantry.

Did find what you're looking for? Visit back with us next blog post! We will have more spring flowers, as well as those for summer and fall!

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