How do you find the right Raleigh wedding music for your style? It’s easy to love music but never really know what style of music you love best. Many times, brides and grooms can’t decide on an overall type of genre to feature during their big wedding day. If you’re unable to immediately identify your favorite style, here are a few ways to figure out the best wedding music that fits your style:

Listen to a lot of music- There are so many different types of music. It’s important to listen to several types of genres - classical music in Raleigh NC, country, rock - to get a good feel for what they offer. Be sure to listen to several different artists within that genre. It’s also possible you like several types of genres. You might find one genre that sums up a few different ones. Listen to a lot of music! You’ll be surprised at the outcome of the quest!

Write down an idea if something strikes you- If you find something particularly interesting; lyrics, guitar rife, drum line, or overall sound of a particular type of genre or song, write it down. You can incorporate it into your Raleigh wedding music.  You can also take that idea to a Raleigh DJ or wedding music planner, and they can help you find more songs that have the same sound.

Listen to the radio- Keep a notepad in the car, or your cell phone handy. Write down what you heard or record a snippet of the music you like.

Take notes while living life- Music is all around us; movies, commercials, the doctor’s office. You never know where you’ll hear something you love. Always be ready to take notes of sounds you like. Even when you least expect it, that perfect recessional song might play over the loudspeaker at a little league game or while you’re in the checkout line at Wal-Mart. Music is everywhere.

Pay attention to instruments- You might hear the mellow notes of a harp, saxophone, or piano and know that this type of sound is what represents your feelings.

Go see a String Quartet in Raleigh  - Classical music is beautiful, elegant and great for weddings!

Determining the Raleigh wedding music that fits your style is important. You want the songs you feature in your wedding ceremony and reception to be significant. Listening to a lot of music - a string quartet in Raleigh NC, classical music and more - in and really pinpointing what music makes you and your soon to be spouse happy is essential! You might love classical music in Raleigh or something else and not even realize it! For help finding wedding music that fits your style, contact Save the Date Music’s wedding music planner! She can help you decide on the perfect mix of songs for your ceremony and reception!