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Music History: Jingle Bells

Possibly the most well-known and most recognized American song in the world, Jingle Bells was published in 1867, making it 150 years old this year. Though still so commonly sung today, the sweet holiday tune has a lot of interesting facts that many people don't know! Below are facts you may not know. - Jingle […]

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Meet the Musicians: Debbie Davis

Save the Date Music is proud to have, Debbie Davis, cellist, on our team! Debbie first picked the up the cello at seven years old. "It seemed like the most beautiful instrument...and I haven't changed my opinion on that many decades later." She likes to play all kinds of music as long as it makes […]

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Swing and Jazz Music for Your Wedding Day!

Stepping away from traditional Raleigh wedding music is a trend for 2016. It started in 2015 and became popular toward the end of the year. Now, all brides and grooms are thinking outside the box for their ceremony and reception music! Below, you'll find a list of Raleigh wedding music that is great for those […]

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Best Tunes for Cocktail Hour

One of the most favorite parts of a wedding event is the cocktail hour. It's a time for guests to mingle, talk about the ceremony and give the bride and groom their well-wishes. This is also a great time for music! Also, if you're looking for wedding musicians to hire in Raleigh NC for cocktail […]

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Classical Song List for Wedding Music

Our wedding music planner can help you pick the best classical musicians for hire in Raleigh NC, for your wedding day! Below, you'll find song lists and instruments that are available to help ensure that your music makes a lasting impression on guests. Make this upcoming wedding event simple and beautiful with our help! Trio Music| Classical Musicians for […]

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Last Dance Reception Songs

We all think about our first dance as a married couple and what song should be played, but rarely do we think about the last dance of the reception. This one should be just as special! Below, you'll find several tunes that will be great for just that! Last Dance Wedding Songs | Classical Musicians […]

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Wedding Prelude Music

A prelude is Raleigh wedding music that's played as all the guests begin to arrive to the ceremony. This can be four or five songs, depending on how long you want the music to be played. You can even have ten or more songs played to ensure the music plays all throughout guest arrivals. Raleigh […]

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Unique Reception Songs

Looking for music that will make your reception memorable? Music can do that as long as it's something the guests will enjoy! Below, you'll find a list of unique songs that are great for the big day! Unique Reception Songs | Wedding Musicians in Raleigh (I Just) Died In Your Arms - Cutting Crew  All […]

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