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Raleigh ceremony music; Triangle wedding music

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day Music

Raleigh Wedding Music Planner, Save the Date Music, Can Help Make Your Day Special! Music breathes life into your wedding ceremony. It sets the tone and creates the mood. Music can enhance your wedding ceremony. Knowing how important the music choice for you wedding is, it might be difficult to pick just a handful of […]

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Hire a Raleigh DJ for your Wedding Reception!

Welcome back! Today we are going to continue answering the question, “Why hire a professional DJ?.” Your wedding reception happens only once. It’s a party to celebrate your new marriage and new life with your spouse. It’s important to throw a wedding reception that will be remembered. If you aren’t yet sold on the idea, […]

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Planning Your Triangle Wedding Music

Which is planned first--the songs or the musicians? Each group of instruments can have its own songlist, so you want to decide first what kind of music you want--Traditional, Beatles, Journey, Sinatra, Irish, Bluegrass,Jazz, or your own special theme. Guitar, piano or saxophone might be the more authentic choice rather that string quartet or harp. […]

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