Weddings should be a joyous and memorable family event--but they can be a nightmare when brides or grooms or mothers micro manage and sabotage the music plans.  Last minute fussy-pants or power grabbing changes in song selection, duration of the contract, or music flow just upsets everyone and does not justify the results.

1.  Take A Pill--if that is necessary for a calm and helpful demeanor at your wedding.  Anticipate who might be The Great Interference and use appropriate supplement measures. Let your family know you have decided the music schedule and they are not to get the band off track by changing things or inviting them to dinner.

2.  Make sure Mom has an escort/dance partner who will be by her side, especially if Dad and Girlfriend are at the wedding.  This will be very emotional for her and she does not need the public humiliation of being a wallflower.

3.  Do discuss fully your music selections and flow plans about a month prior to your wedding with the musicians or DJ.  Then RELAX and let the music professionals do their preparations.  Don't hammer them with flipflop changes or your own anxieties.  That definitely dampens their enthusiasm for your event.

4.  Be calm, joyful and radiant at your wedding, and easy to find.  Barking orders and switching things will earn you a "Thank God she's gone" from the venue and wedding professionals.  Be gracious and you are welcomed back anytime you need them.