Bride With Wedding Planner In Marquee Using A Digital Tablet

Before shopping or surfing yourself into a quivering puddle, evaluate what your own emotional and report needs are from your vendor bridal team. Consider these questions as you assemble your team:

  • Do you want the photographer to submit a preplanned list of all the photos or do you want one that is spontaneous?
  • Do you want accomplished musicians or do you want unexperienced musicians whom need your direction?
  • Do you want a wedding director to keep everyone on schedule or just muddle through?
  • Are you more comfortable having all your vendors take charge (after consulting with you) or do you want to direct all activities yourself? I once saw a bride with an athletic whistle around her neck to signal the next activity!!!
  • Do you want to control everything or have a team to help you?

Define for all potential vendors what your comfort level is, what you want emotionally from them, and how you can work amicably together as a team.