Groom Signing Marriage License

While you are dreamy eyed about your perfect wedding, it’s absolutely essential that you are cleared eyed about your contracts for your wedding services. Please require a signed contract for the ceremonial site, even if it’s at your church. No letter or telephone promises, and ditto for officiants; they perform many ceremonies a year and can easily be overbooked.
Detailed contracts are needed for caterers, florists, venues, limousines, bands, musicians, DJs, tents, equipment rentals, hotels, honeymoon arrangements, and even wedding gowns (mine arrived in a size 3 instead of a size 8 and it was non-returnable).
Read all of the small print—that’s where they will delude you. You can also include what you require of them in the contract. A contract is a meeting of the minds, not an ultimatum. You can include in your contract needs like “wear a tuxedo”, or “I will pay you the day after”, or “$2.00 per slice to the cut the cake—are you nuts!”
Each contract requires a substantial deposit of commitment. Twenty five dollars and a handshake is not the guarantee you need for your once-in-a-lifetime event, or a strategy to stretch your money initially.
So, buckle Down, be a adult, and read carefully through each contract and understand the terms and conditions. Don’t assume they have your best interests at heart; that is up to you.