Save the Date Music is proud to introduce you to talented harpist, Marilyn Wienand!

Marilyn has always been into music, starting with the piano at the young age of five. She has a DMA and MA in voice from the University of Colorado in Boulder and a Bachelors degree in organ from the Washington University in St. Louis.

Her career with the harp began in 1990 while teaching at Pfeiffer College. "I just got a bee in my bonnet and I wanted to learn the harp," Marilyn said. "Amazing forces came together to help that happen. I found a teacher at Salem College in Winston Salem, rented an instrument from her, and later was able to buy one, than another, and so on."

Since then, the harp has been an important part of Marilyn's life. She now owns three harps: pedal, Celtic, and Medieval. She quit teaching college in the mid 90s and began her professional harp career.

"Why did I choose harp after all those years of being a singer and an organist? I just had to! It grabbed me. Something is special about the harp, isn’t there?"

Marilyn favors the French romantic period, particiularly composers Claude Debussy, and Maurice Ravel. As for her favorite gigs, she loves to play at Senior Living places as well as use her harp therapeutically. She plays for babies in the NICU and others in the ICU at Cary's Wake Med Center. She also has a history playing for hospice.

You can learn more about Marilyn at her website: