Raleigh Wedding Music Planner, Save the Date Music, Can Help Make Your Day Special!

Music breathes life into your wedding ceremony. It sets the tone and creates the mood. Music can enhance your wedding ceremony. Knowing how important the music choice for you wedding is, it might be difficult to pick just a handful of powerful, mood setting songs.  How do you make the right decision for music on the big day? Follow these easy steps to choose the perfect music for your wedding ceremony.

  1. Different music will be played during different times, throughout your wedding day. Reception music will be a bit more upbeat and bright. Wedding ceremony music might be slower and more romantic. Even though the music will be different, it should all stick with the same theme. Choosing a theme, and sticking with it, will allow the music transitions to flow more smoothly.  A few examples of sticking with the same theme include: a. Hiring a string quartet to play at your ceremony and in turn, hiring a live band for the reception. Live music speaks volumes. It’s something you want to stick with, throughout the entire day. b. If you choose to have a pre-recorded music during the wedding ceremony, hiring a professional DJ for the reception will work well.
  2. Creating a feeling of solemnity, while guests arrive, is important. The music your guests arrive to sets the tone for the entire ceremony. Playing sentimental songs can work, as well.
  3. Though you may make the decision to let the live quartet or band chooses what instrumentals to play during the arrival of guests, it’s important to choose specific pieces for the procession of the bridal party. It’s also important to choose a specific piece for the bride’s procession, as well. Some traditional choices are the Wedding March, or Pachabell Cannon. Any beautifully composed piece of music will work. If you’re hiring a quartet, talk with them about their experience with weddings. They might can help you come up with ideas about which pieces to choose. Be sure to take into consideration the length of the aisle, when choosing music for processions. If the aisle is short, don’t choose a long piece of music for the bridal party and for the bride’s procession. Otherwise, there might be a few long, awkward pauses, waiting on the end of the music piece!
  4. For your reception, you will want to take the time to make a 'play' and 'do not play' list. Unless you want hardcore heavy metal or rap, you will need to make your choices clear to your DJ or band. No matter how confident you might feel about the choices your DJ or band might make, you really want to make these lists, as they communicate clearly what your expectations are. Don't forget that your guests will make requests, and it will be easier for your musicians or DJ to say no to these requests if you have created a definitive list. Choose songs that all age groups can relate to. Also, be sure to choose songs that people know! Singing along, while dancing the night away can be loads of fun for all!
  5. Your music choices set the tone for your wedding. Your wedding music presents the opportunity to personalize and add sentiment to your wedding. It’s also a great way to make it unique. Have fun with your selections. Wedding day music is an important part of both the ceremony and reception.

If you’re interested in hiring a string quartet in Raleigh NC for your wedding day, Save the Date is a great choice! Our experienced music planner goes above and beyond to help you make the right choices for your wedding music! For more information, or to talk with our music planner, contact us!