Save the Date Music is proud to have, Debbie Davis, cellist, on our team!

Debbie first picked the up the cello at seven years old. "It seemed like the most beautiful instrument...and I haven't changed my opinion on that many decades later."

She likes to play all kinds of music as long as it makes an occasion special for others.

"Music is like a magic potion to intensify feelings," Debbie says. "When there's an important event like a wedding, music helps people feel the specialness of the occasion even more deeply than they would without the music. Live music is way more powerful than recorded music because everyone can see as well as hear the musicians playing.  Live music is not generally a part of everyday life, so by itself, that makes an occasion more special."

Though Debbie has been a resident of North Carolina for the last two years, Save the Date Music has been on her radar for way longer.
"I know that lots of excellent musicians have been associated with it over the years and it has made important occasions even more beautiful for lots and lots of people."

Debbie favorite events to play at are weddings and receptions. For her, the happiness of weddings are contagious and she goes home feeling good to be a part of the special event. "The musicians playing get a little window into what makes each couple unique.  It's nice to know that the music we play becomes a part of the memories of so many people."
Debbie is also a cello teacher with her own studio in Chapel Hill! Learn more about her on her website at