Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And Groom At Wedding

Just when I think I have seen everything in my forty years of wedding, there is yet another doubtful idea. I have seen dogs as ring bearers who then licked themselves all through the ceremony; brides and groom on unprepared horses; horse carriages which bolted with the bride holding on for dear life; horses that died on the way to the reception; air balloons off target; arriving on a boat with nauseated bridesmaids; eighteen bridesmaids and six honorary bridesmaids taking up the whole front of the church; men as bridesmaids because “they are my best friend”; a way too long bridal entry zigzagging across Duke Gardens; unwilling and defiant children in the wedding party; opera arias sung by the bride; and clueless inexperienced ceremony musicians.
Do keep your wedding simple and traditional. There will be more than enough unplanned surprised on your day.