Raleigh Wedding DJ: Should I DJ My Own Wedding?

In a previous post, we talked about the disadvantages of DJ-ing your wedding ceremony and reception with an iPod. It's seems like a big risk to take for such an important event, especially when there are professionals available to ensure your night is truly special. We do understand that hiring a Raleigh Wedding DJs costs money and adds to what maybe an already large budget. Today, we are going to offer a few tips to help those that want to be their own wedding DJ (or enlist a friend to do the job for them.) Hopefully,  with these tips, you will gain an understanding of what goes into an actual DJ-ing job and be better prepared to tackle the challenge. Below, you'll find a few circumstances where it might work out well to become your own Raleigh wedding DJ. The following tips will help you decide!

Do you own professional quality sound equipment? Do you have a friend that owns some? If so, and you know how to use it, you might be able to pull off being your own wedding DJ. Loud speakers are a must for weddings. You want your guests to be able to hear the music and enjoy what's being played. You also need to know what questions to ask the wedding venue about electrical needs, liability for wires, and understand what their answers mean for you and your event.

Do you know how much music will be needed for the length of your wedding reception? Do you have a multi-disc CD player? If you choose to use an iPod, are you sure that everything on will play through without any awkward silences?  Raleigh wedding DJs don’t just create a playlist and play it. A good DJ can help keep your wedding reception running on schedule and solve emergencies before you even know they are occurring. DJs also know how to read a room and when to speed up or slow down the tempo. While you're celebrating your marriage, you might not want to worry with any of these things. It's best to be prepared for anything, should you decide to DJ your own wedding.

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DJ-ing your own wedding could be something that you find enjoyable but, it's a good idea to fully prepare for what might happen without a professional around to help. For more tips to help you decide if you should hire a Raleigh wedding DJ or not, visit back with us on our next post. Save the Date Music's wedding music planner will help you make the best decision for your wedding day!

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When deciding what type of wedding music you might want for your wedding ceremony, there’s a lot of uncertainty. It’s hard to choose which type of music and what type of musician. Many brides and grooms love the idea of having classical music in Raleigh NC but aren’t sure how to go about hiring musicians.