Are you getting married soon? Are you planning to have a tradition wedding with a ceremony and reception? If so, have you thought about the wedding ceremony and reception music? It's important to get the wedding music nailed down, after all the other major aspects of wedding planning are in place.

Wedding Reception Music

In a previous post, we talked about wedding ceremony music and the different songs that are needed for the different parts of the ceremony. Today, we will talk about the wedding reception music.

There are two major choices for musical entertainment: a DJ or a live band. Have you thought about which one you'd like to have? Sometimes, wedding receptions have both. Live bands are always equipped with a front-person that likes to announce important parts of the wedding. In this case, a Raleigh DJ would be able to help out. Also, live bands like to take breaks. Instead of asking a friend to help out during those times, with an iPod, the DJ could take over and play a few tunes and announce the cake cutting!

In order to make your choice, talk with various DJs and bands. Find out about their music choices, schedules and fees. DJs are generally less expensive than bands. See if you can drop by a wedding they are working at. That way, you can see them in action and find out how the crowd reacts to them. Ask for references and follow up on them.

Wedding Reception Music | The First Dance

During the first dance, the bride and groom traditionally take to the floor alone and dance to a sentimental song.

Sometimes, the bride and groom's parents join in on a second dance. Right after, the bride dances with her father. The groom and his mother dance, after that.

Traditionally, this is how the first and second dances go. You are able to schedule the dances any way you'd like to. The day is yours! Plan your wedding reception music and dances however you see fit!

After the important first dance and dancing with the parents are done, it's time to invite the guests out for a dance!

You even have an anniversary dance, where all married couples get out on the dance floor, a dance for the couple that's been married the longest; and one for the couple that's been married the least!

The great thing about wedding reception music and dances is that you get to have fun and enjoy your time with your guests!

The options for dancing at a wedding are limitless. Don't be afraid to shake things up a bit after you have completed the traditional dances.

Wedding reception music might be one of the most important parts of planning a wedding. You want to choose something that's fun, mostly upbeat, and easy to listen to. You want your guests to remember your big day for years to come. This can be achieved by having the right type of music! Allow Save the Date Music to help plan your wedding reception music! Our Raleigh DJs, live bands, and other reception music options can really make an impact on your wedding day! Call us for more information about wedding reception music!