A Wedding Music Planner Can Help You Choose the Best Wedding Reception Music for Your Day!

Part of a Raleigh wedding music planner's job is helping the bride and groom exude their personality through the wedding music. Every aspect of the wedding should include something of personality and style. The first dance, at the reception is no exception.

The first dance at your wedding reception is an important part of the wedding day. It’s also a perfect time to show off your unique relationship and make a statement.

It’s normal to draw a blank when trying to find that one, special song to dance your first dance as husband and wife to. Hiring a professional wedding music planner can help to plan this first dance song, so that it reflects your relationship with one another and the memories and dreams for your future.

Sure, there are the tired, old classics; but there are also new, innovative ideas, as well. Below, you’ll find some advice that Raleigh wedding music planners often give their clients that need a little help planning that perfect, unique, first dance!

Find the tempo and mood that's right for you. Maybe it's slow and romantic, maybe it's gentle and whimsical, and maybe it's upbeat and rocking.  You should choose a song style that suits both husband and wife. Choose something that makes you both feel comfortable dancing in front of a lot of people. Also, choose something that reflects your personality!

Think back to experiences you've shared as a couple. Remember the movies and TV shows you've seen together. Recall concerts of favorite musicians you've attended. Think about songs you heard together that reminds you of a specific, fun time. You could even choose a song that’s not “first dance material”. Have fun with it! Make sure the song means something to you both. Don’t fall in to the trap of being classic and traditional.

If you are a traditional and classic type, look for unique covers of old classics. You might find an awesome cover of a song that your parents or grandparents danced to at their own wedding. Cover songs are a great way to modernize classics, without forfeiting them, completely.

If you or your spouse to be prefer to make an entrance or drop the surprise factor, make your first dance something to remember! Choose a fast, upbeat song and coordinate a dance to it. You could even include the bridal party!

You could even surprise one another! Allow the bride to choose the first dance and the groom to choose the last dance, or vice versa. Tell the wedding music planner or DJ the titles and artists of the songs, in private. Then, each of you gets to be surprised!

Choosing that perfect, first song to dance to, on your wedding day is important. Don’t let the fears of not choosing the right song get in the way! The choice is yours! It is a good idea to get suggestions from others, though! They can help you make the right decision!

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